Why Our Fundraising Products Are Better

Recently, I was asked to explain why our fundraising products were a better choice than the traditional options, like cookie dough, wrapping paper and coupon books. And to say I was happy to answer would be an understatement.

First, I want to be clear, I’m not suggesting that those items are necessarily poor choices for a fundraiser. Over the years I’ve been involved in plenty of campaigns where products like those were offered. And they sold. But there wasn’t much in the way of a return on investment for the supporters.

The cookie dough might have been tasty once it was baked, but it wasn’t very healthy and it certainly didn’t set a good example for the kids. The wrapping paper was pretty but rather expensive, and it wasn’t useful until you had a gift to give. And the coupon book required you to spend money to save money.

My point here is I never felt like I was selling something of real value. And that made promoting the products a bit challenging. That also made me think a lot about school fundraising.

Which brings me back to why I think Get Organized For Good’s products are a better choice.

Here are the top four reasons:

They help people live better lives.

Our products help people simplify life, reduce stress, create positive habits, find focus, manage time, declutter and get organized. Improved well-being is result.

It sounds like a lot, and it is. But the surprising part is the benefit doesn’t require a big investment of time or money from the supporters. For example, our Make Every Day A Better Day Guide costs just seven dollars, and it helps families take control of their day quickly and easily.

The customizable checklists allows people to use the Stage Your Tomorrow technique to wake up ready to take on the day in cool, clam collected fashion. It’s a simple method that takes about 10 minutes, and it’s appropriate for the whole family (even preschoolers!).

That’s a pretty terrific return on such a small investment.


They help kids learn life skills.

That’s right, our products help kids (and adults too!) learn essential life skills. Schools rarely have the bandwidth to provide opportunities for skills based learning beyond the mandated curriculum. But if we want our kids to be as successful as possible, in the classroom and out, we need to help them hone skills that will allow them to organize their lives, manage their time, set goals and plan for the future. Our youth focused products that will help them do just that!

One of the biggest determinants of success is grit. Our products help kids build it. For example, we’ve got a product that will help even the youngest family members take responsibility for themselves and set goals. They’ll be introduced to idea that intention and effort are both required if they are going to succeed. They’ll learn how to follow through on an objective. And as we know, the ability to follow through makes all the difference in life.


They help strengthen communities.

Our products help families simplify life and reduce stress. So you’ll be a part of helping them create a more harmonious home environment. When families are able to rely on supportive routines and when they can comfortably share the responsibilities, they have more time to enjoy life. Whether that’s spending quality time together or encouraging each other to reach their individual goals, the end result is a stronger family unit. And strong families make for strong communities.


They benefit the classroom experience.

Teachers will love the products because of what they’ll do for the community, especially their students. Anytime you can help a child better manage their time, show up prepared and confident, you are making a teacher’s life easier. It’s a winning combo!

Plus, our fundraiser takes practically nothing out of classroom time. That alone would be enough to make teachers happy, but in this case it’s just the icing of the cake.

Want to learn more? Pop over here, and request our comprehensive guide to partnering with us.

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