Our fundraising products help kids get organized

Get Organized For Good Fundraising helps schools raise money while helping people live better. Here’s some insight into why we create some of our products. In particular, those that help people get organized.

As a professional organizer, it hasn’t escaped my attention that many people seem to think that you’re either born organized or you’re not. Fortunately, that’s just flawed thinking. Being organized is a skill. It’s not an inborn trait. Everyone can learn to be organized.

Unfortunately, getting organized isn’t a skill that gets attention in most learning environments. Which brings us back to that flawed thinking.

If you think that being organized is something you should innately know how to do, why would you bother to teach it?

And even if you believed that organized living is a learned skill, how would you teach it?

How do you teach someone to be organized?

That’s a question I hear frequently. And I’ve got an answer.

But before we get to how, let’s focus on why it’s such an important skill to learn. It’s because it’s not just a “nice to have” skill, it’s a life skill. Life skills are the skills that help us all function effectively and efficiently in the world. They are the skills that help us lead successful lives.

Statistics bear witness to the idea that organized people are more successful, have higher confidence, and are more content overall. I’m not here to do a deep data dive, but if you were to poll teachers and school counselors, you’d learn that that kids who are more organized do better academically. And that makes absolute sense. When you’ve got logistics under control, it’s easier to focus on embracing the learning process.

So how did those students become more organized than others? I can’t say with certainty where the difference is, but I can take an educated guess. They’ve been exposed to organized living, meaning they’ve seen that kind of behavior modeled by their immediate family. And they’ve been encouraged to follow suit. Which means they’re actually given opportunities to self-manage. And, more often than not, they have enjoyed the benefits of parental coaching.

Now you might be thinking that doesn’t sound easy, it sounds like a whole lot of work. But it’s not really, it’s front end loaded effort that pays off in a really significant way for the whole of life.

Think about it like this, what’s easier, teaching your child how to do something for themselves or doing it for them, forever?

Teaching is clearly the better choice – better for you, better for your child.

Making it easy is what Get Organized For Good does – we’ve got the tools to help you. And if you don’t feel particularly well organized yourself, we’ve got that covered too. You and your child can learn together.

Helping people live better is our thing. One of the ways we do that is by helping families create household harmony. And the best way to do that is by simplifying daily tasks and getting organized, so you can live a more intentional life. With our practical, user friendly products, you and your family can easily create supportive routines, build responsibility, manage time, and reach goals.

The idea of helping people live better extends to our business model. As a matter of fact, it’s the foundation for it. Schools are the heart of most communities. And communities are the building blocks of our world. There’s a symbiotic relationship between the two. We think that when you strengthen one, you strengthen the other. So we’re doing all we can to help strengthen both through the way we do business.

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