Get Organized For Good Fundraising

Get Organized For Good is changing how school fundraising gets done, making it easier and more meaningful for everyone involved. We’re helping schools raise money by helping people live better.

Here’s our story…..

As the world gets more chaotic and the demands on our time go up, people are clamoring for relief. That desire shows up clearly in the billions of dollars spent on self help products (nearly 10 billion was spent in the US alone last year!). People desperately want to improve their quality of life.

That’s something Kelly Jayne McCann, a professional organizer and clutter coach, knows all too well. For over a decade she’s helped overwhelmed parents burst the busyness bubble, clarify priorities, and find balance.

It was Kelly Jayne’s work with busy parents that was the catalyst for Get Organized For Good. She explains it like this:

“Our conversations routinely turned to kids, school, and by extension the necessity of fundraising. And idea started percolating and I couldn’t let it go. The truth is people are actively seeking out ways to simplify and declutter their lives. So why not answer the call and help them do just that, while also helping schools raise those much needed funds.”

There are loads of fundraising options out there, however, most fall short in providing any kind of lasting value. They’re often over-priced or unhealthy, and rarely fill a real need. And they do little to create goodwill after the purchase. As a long time fundraising mom herself, Kelly Jayne was all too familiar with this unfortunate scenario, and she was determined to change it. She was determined to make school fundraising easier and more meaningful!

Get Organized For Good offers something different: Practical and easy to use products, like planners, printables, and how-to guides, that empower people to create positive change in their lives. The focus is on helping people get organized, simplify life, manage time, reduce stress, create supportive habits, and much more. Like helping busy families bring harmony to the home. There are also products to help kids build life skills like self responsibility, resilience, gratitude, and grit.

Get Organized For Good further differentiate itself from traditional fundraising models in that it operates entirely online. By harnessing the power of the internet, they can provide product delivery to anyone with an email address. Everything is streamlined, which means school partners never have to take or deliver orders. Through the use of simple technology Get Organized For Good has eliminated all the usual effort associated with fundraising. It’s truly a win-win!

You can try the process out yourself and receive a free mini product: The Simple Daily Planner It’s an extremely effective way to purposefully design your day. Its thoughtful layout, covers all the areas of your life. Find it here: Test Drive The Process and Get Your Free Simple Daily Planner

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