The Story Behind Our Unique Fundraising Model

Welcome! Let me start by introducing myself – I am Kelly Jayne McCann, professional organizer, clutter coach and happiness junkie. I am the founder of, offering online workshops and e-learning products that help busy people dramatically improve their lives. So you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with fundraising, right?

The answer is everything. It’s all connected. Here is the story, as short as I can make it…..

You see, I was once a mom in the trenches. I spent many, many hours raising money for my kiddo’s school. I also spent many years as a nonprofit board officer where fundraising was an ongoing, never ending task. To say that I understand the funding gaps that exist and that I know just how hard it is to fill them, is an understatement.

Over the years I have lost count of the number of events I’ve planned….auctions, dinners, a-thons galore, and of course their lesser cousins, bake sales and car washes. I have sold just about everything under the sun – wrapping paper, coffee, chocolate, entertainment books, cookies, reward cards, and so much more. Let’s not even dive into the sponsorships and donations I have asked for.

During that time I was also working professionally with busy parents, teaching them how to get organized, declutter their lives, manage time and find balance. We talked a lot about kids and schooling. Naturally, fundraising always came up.

This was a hot button topic. All the parents recognized that the need for fundraising will keep increasing, but with pocketbooks only so deep repeated giving becomes harder. Especially when the products being sold don’t provide lasting value – they’re almost never things that are truly wanted, let alone needed, and they often wind up as clutter.

My clients disposed of many fundraising products, products that had become clutter – things they bought to be good supporters, but didn’t have a real plan for using. Even though most items were able to be donated to a charity, there was often a great deal of regret and a feeling that the purchase had been a waste. I knew that experience wasn’t creating any goodwill. And I knew that the next time they were asked to purchase something they would be less inclined to, because they just weren’t seeing the value.

These conversations sparked an idea: Why can’t fundraising be a win-win? That thought began percolating and I couldn’t ignore it. I had always known that fundraising could be a much more meaningful experience. And I knew the planners, printables, and how-to guides I offered would be an ideal option. They focus on practical topics like getting organized, managing time, decluttering life, and finding balance. They offer real solutions to life’s challenges. That’s why I launched Get Organized For Good. I saw a real need for better fundraising choices, and I knew I had something of value to offer.

So now I am following my passion, blending my business, marketing, sales, organizing and coaching skills to reinvent what fundraising looks and feels like. Get Organized for Good is more than a unique fundraising idea, it’s idea that you can feel good about and get truly excited over! We’re on a mission to simplify fundraising and create a win-win model that you and your supporters will love!




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