Kids Family Responsibility Pack

What if you could easily instill a sense of responsibility in your child? That would go a long way to creating family harmony, right? The Kid’s Family Responsibility and Financial Literacy Tool Kit will help you make harmony a reality!

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What do we want most for our kids? We want them to be successful, right? The Kids Family Responsibility and Financial Literacy Tool Kit will help you set your kids on that very path. It will help you teach them how to be responsible for themselves. It will teach them how to plan ahead. And it will teach them how to manage money.

It comes with morning and evening routine charts, chore charts and job charts. There’s also a money management ledger with savings planner, plus budgeting worksheets.

The morning and evening routines charts come in two formats. One is all ready for your preschooler or kindergartner. It comes with images depicting the routine tasks. There is also a completely customizable version, where you can fill in your child’s unique routine. Both versions can be personalized with your child’s name. And, of course, they can be edited as often as you wish.

Plus there are questions to prompt your child to think ahead so they can plan for what the week holds. We also have included a reflective question about gratitude. Together, the routine chart and the guiding questions will help you child learn how to effectively manage their selfcare. You’ll notice too a question about dreams. It’s great way to set an intention for a peaceful night’s slumber. A bonus for parents: the evening routine chart can double as memory journal for you and your child.

The chore charts (we call them Family Responsibilities) are ready for you and your child to fill in. There’s room for daily tasks and weekly tasks to make keeping track clear and simple. Again, it’s all customizable.

If you’re a family that has allowance attached to work, then we’ve got a worksheet for that too. We call it our Worker Bee Job Chart. It allows you to chart the jobs and the associated financial rewards. You can easily track how often the job has been done and calculate the earnings. At the end of the week, we’ve got a reflective question to help your child gain insight into what they’ve learned.

Next, we’ve got the money management ledger to help your child keep track of their finances. Why so sophisticated? Why not a simple piggy bank? Because learning how to manage money is a life skill. And learning sooner rather than later will help your child understand the value of money, how it flows in and out, as well as how to save. Plus, it’s a great way to practice those math skills!

We’ve got two versions, both work similar to your checkbook ledger, but one has room divide money into spend, save and share accounts. Both have room for memos about how the money was earned or spent.

There’s a budget planning worksheet to help older kids budget for things like holiday gifts and parties. Even if you provide your child with all the resources, using this will help them see how expenditures break down and add up! If your child has a part time job or gets a regular allowance the budget planning worksheet is the ideal tool to help them be deliberate in where their money goes.

We’ve also got the Want vs Need subject covered. Knowing the difference can help them see that they are actually living an abundant life despite still yearning for the latest and greatest.

And finally, we’ve got a savings planner. It comes complete with guiding questions to help your child clarify the savings goal and create a strategy to reach it. This is just what to turn to when it comes to the ‘want’ item.


Who It’s For:

  • Parents who want their child to become more self-sufficient
  • Parents who want to instill a sense of personal responsibility in their child
  • Parents who want to teach their children about family responsibilities
  • Parents who want to teach their children about money management


What You’ll Get:

  • An interactive 30 page PDF, which includes the how-to content and all the charts
  • You can edit and save all you want, so you can use it over and over.
  • Invitation and link to our private Facebook page – join us for support in organizing your family, your life and your space.


What You’ll Gain:

Peace of mind, to start. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you are helping your child build life skills. The routines will create a sense of calmness. You’ll naturally feel more relaxed as your child starts taking responsibility for themselves. And your child will feel empowered and proud. Better communication because you’ll be talking about expectations and gaining buy in from your child. And you’ll create a team atmosphere when you start discussing the important roles each family member has.


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Satisfaction Guarantee:

We want you to feel confident in your investment, so we’ve removed all the risk. While we hope you’ll be pleased with your purchase, we want you to know that we stand behind it and we’ll happily issue a refund.

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