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Are you ready to love every day with purpose, clarity and focus?  You can do it with the Simple Daily Plan.



We Invite You To Sample The Shopping Process

And we’ll reward you with something you can actually use: The Simple Daily Plan

The Simple Daily Plan guides you in charting a deliberate course for your day. We all wake up with the best of intentions –  have a purpose driven, productive day. And that’s exactly what the Simple Daily Plan helps you do.

Its so easy to go off course if you haven’t defined your focus. Sometimes we even end the day without having made progress on a single priority. We may have been busy, busy, busy but we accomplished little to none.  That’s where the Simple Daily Plan comes in. It has you define your most important priority for the day. From there you build your task list.

And that includes deciding on a step you’ll take toward a long term goal. What’s important about this feature is that we often back burner our long term goals until we can find time to work on them. The thing is, extra time will never magically show up, it’s up to us to make time. The Simple Daily Plan prompts you to do that. You’ll commit to just one small step a day, but that kind of consistent action will help you bring your dreams to reality.

There’s also space for meal planning and fitness, so you can make a plan to be your healthiest self. We’ve include space to reflect on gratitude and motivation. That’s because we know mindset makes all the difference.

We’ve also included self care, family, friends and fun. Those aren’t usual categories in a daily planner, but we’ve got to take care of our whole being if we’re going to truly thrive. I also know that if we don’t plan to meet those needs, it’s highly likely we won’t. So the Simple Daily Plan reminds you to take care of you!

Who It’s For:

  • Anyone who wants to bring more focus to their day
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed with planning their day
  • Anyone who is longing to make the most of their day

What You’ll Get:

  • A 8 page PDF file with two versions of the Simple Daily Plan, plus directions on how to use it
  • You can edit and save your plan so you can use it over and over

What You’ll Gain:

An easy, but meaningful way to make your day the best it can be. The Simple Daily will give your day focus and clarity. Imagine how rewarding it will be to end your day feeling truly accomplished!

What To Know About PDFs and Digital Downloads

If you’ve never purchased downloadable digital products, we’ve got a sweet little tutorial here that will show just what to expect and how they work. A PDF is a Portable Document Format, it works on all systems. Adobe makes the the most well known PDF reader – Adobe Reader – it’s the universals standard, trusted worldwide as the go-to tool for reading and editing PDF’s .

You most likely already have it installed. If for some reason you don’t, you can find the free download here: https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/products/pdf-reader.html Even if you do have Adobe Reader installed, you may want to update to their newest version. While any version will work with our products, we love the sleek new interface of Adobe Reader DC. It immediately highlights editable fields for super simple navigation.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We want you to feel confident in your investment, so we’ve removed all the risk. While we hope you’ll be pleased with your purchase, we want you to know that we stand behind it and we’ll happily issue a refund.

Because of the nature of the products, you have them in hand immediately, and the fact that they are being sold to support a cause, we require two things. Refunds must be requested within 5 days of purchasing. And we would like to know how we failed to satisfy you, along with suggestions for making the product better. That feedback is imperative to helping us improve so we can serve our customers better in the future. And we figure it’s a pretty decent trade off, since the product will still be yours to use.

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